Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[SEHA] Plan for this quarter

Hey everyone,
Thank you for coming to our quarterly kickoff last night! It was nice to see you there and socialize with food and drinks! 

Here's a few events coming up:

-Come watch "Promised Land" featuring Matt Damon and John Krasinski. 
We plan to go watch the 4:30pm showing this Thursday, January 17, at the Varsity Theater on the Ave. The movie is about fracking, thereby relating to Environmental Health. And Matt Damon's in it :]
Watch the trailer here.

-SEHA general meeting 
We'll have our quarter general meeting, open to all, on Wednesday, January 23, at 5:00pm. It'll be held in the EH library. We'll talk more in detail about what we have planned this quarter (T-shirts, career panel, etc.) 

I'm excited to watch Promised Land - I hope to see you there as well!

Momoka Nakamura
University of Washington | Senior 
Program on the Environment | Departmental Honors
Environmental Health