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[SEHA] Fwd: Health Services 482 / Global Health 490 - Population Health - Spring Quarter 2013

If you have room in your schedule for next quarter, consider this class!

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Health Services 482 / Global Health 490 - Population Health - Spring Quarter 2013

Think you know what makes a population healthy?

  • Japan smokes more than any other rich country, yet it has the longest life expectancy…
  • 50 countries have better infant survival than the US, including Cuba and Hungary…
  • The US spends almost half of the world's health care bill, but has poorer health and shorter lives than peer developed nations…

Population Health explores what makes a country more or less healthy in comparison to others. Interested in healthcare or public health in the US or abroad? Then this is the class for you. Topics covered will include:

  • Impact of early life on lifelong and inter-generational health
  • Social hierarchy, inequality and stress biology
  • What medical care contributes to health
  • Comparison of health status of countries around the world

No prerequisites; open to all students. 4 credits. Class meets M/F 10:30-11:50AM plus 1 hour discussion section. Satisfies I&S, GH minor and PH major requirements. Assignments include weekly one-page reading responses, two interactive exercises responding to a documentary and a population health web ramble and two community engagement exercises. Students use their creativity to share the concepts learned with a community or communities of their choosing. 

SLN:  14595 (HSERV 482) or 14130 (GH 490)

Student reviews:

  • "This is the best class I have ever taken"
  • "Everyone should take this course.  In fact it should be a university requirement. Totally revolutionary way to look at health."

Questions? Please contact instructor:  Stephen Bezruchka

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