Thursday, February 26, 2015

[SEHA] Green Tea Party Invitation

Dear environmental members and organizations of the University of Washington, Seattle Campus,

My name is Merrick Calder and I am the EcoReps Coordinator for the UW EcoReps program on campus. I am emailing you you today as an invitation to join the Green Tea Party. Recently the facilitation of this group has been moved to EcoReps and we are looking to add new members to this influential group on campus.

EcoReps is an organization under the UW Sustainability office that encourages sustainable behaviors in students, faculty, and staff of UW through peer-to-peer communication, motivation and education. It is our goal as EcoReps to foster a culture of sustainability at UW with focuses in alternative transportation, waste diversion, energy reduction, and water management. We work through the entire campus as well as the Greek community.

The Green Tea Party will be a company of organizations that meet monthly to bring ideas together to promote, change, and encourages the culture of sustainability on campus. We represent a central voice of students and faculty that asks the question, "how can UW continue to reduce its impact on the environment and what changes do we still need to make?"

Our goal for this group is to create a central meeting place where members of different environmental organizations and RSOs can meet. We are fostering the ability for groups to promote their projects, create a network of organizations with similar interests and ideas, collectively create projects that alter environmentally damaging infrastructure, host events that influence sustainable behavior, and collectively provide resources that allow each organization to make a deeper and larger impact on campus. Each organization has a voice in this group and together we will form a collective that strives to make the campus green and sustainable.   

If you are interested, please respond asking to be put on the mailing list. We will be shortly arranging a time and place for our first introduction meeting.

We are looking forward to the participation of your organization. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out:


Merrick Calder 
EcoReps Coordinator
UW Sustainability 
Gerberding Hall, Box 351248
Seattle, WA 98195-1248